Discussed in An Introduction to Metaphysics. The standard translation is introduced:

one should both say and think that being is

Heidegger's interpretation is translated into english on page 111 as:

needful is the gathering setting-forth as well the apprehension: the essent in its being

and on page 169 as:

needful is the gathered setting-forth as well as the apprehension of this: the essent (is) being

and on page 173 as:

it is needful to collect oneself, to concentrate on the being of the essent

Discussed in What Is Called Thinking?, 1951. It is first introduced in summer semester, lecture V, with the standard translation. Heidegger then proceeds with a word-by-word exegesis.

In lecture VII the fragment is translated to follow the actual greek words:

Needful : the saying also thinking too : being : to be

In lecture VIII the fragment is translated as:

Needful : the saying and so thinking, too, that being is.

In lecture X the fragment is translated first as:

Useful is : letting-lie-before-us and so (the) taking-to-heart too : being : to be.

Then as:

It is useful to let-lie-before-us and so the taking-to-heart also : beings in being.

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