Contributions to Philosophy (From Enowning) (GA 65)


I. Preview

The Public Title: Contributions to Philosophy and the Essential Heading: From Enowning

1. Contributions to Philosophy Enact the Questioning Along a Pathway...
2. Saying from Enowning as the First Response to the Question of Being
3. From Enowning
4. From Enowning
5. For the Few and the Rare
6. The Grounding-Attunement
7. From Enowning
8. From Enowning
9. A Glance
10. From Enowning
11. Enowning--Dasein--Man
12. Enowning and History
13. Reservedness
14. Philosophy and Worldview
15. Philosophy as "Philosophy of a People"
16. Philosophy
17. The necessity of Philosophy
18. The Powerlessness of Thinking
19. Philosophy (On the Question: Who Are We?)
20. The Beginning and Inceptual Thinking
21. Inceptual Thinking (Projecting-Open)
22. Inceptual Thinking
23. Inceptual Thinking: Why Thinking from within the Beginning?
24. The Wayward Claim on Inceptual Thinking
25. Historicity and Being
26. Philosophy as Knowing Awareness
27. Inceptual Thinking (Concept)
28. The immeasurability of Inceptual Thinking as Finite Thinking
29. Inceptual Thinking (The Question of What Is Ownmost)
30. Inceptual Thinking (As Mindfulness)
31. The Style of Inceptual Thinking
32. Enowning. A Decisive Glance after the Enactment of Echo and Playing-Forth
33. The Question of Be-ing
34. Enowning and the Question of Being
35. Enowning
36. Enthinking Be-ing and Language
37. Be-ing and reticence in Silence (The Sigetic)
38. Reticence in Silence
39. Enowning
40. The Work of Thinking in the Epoch of the Crossing
41. Every Saying of Be-ing Is Kept in Words and Namings
42. From "Being and Time" to "Enowning"
43. Be-ing and Decision
44. The "Decisions"
45. The "Decision"
46. Decision (Fore-Grasping)
47. What is ownmost to Decision: Being and Not-Being
48. In What Sense Decision Belongs to Be-ing Itself
49. Why Must Decisions Be Made?

II. Echo

50. Echo
51. Echo
52. Abandonment of Being
53. Distress
54. Abandonment of Being
55. Echo
56. The Lingering of the Abandonment of Being in the Concealed Manner of Forgottenness of Being
57. History of Be-ing and Abandonment of Being
58. What the Three Concealments of the Abandonment of Being Are and How They Show Themselves
59. The Epoch of Total Lack of Questioning and Enchanctment
60. Whence the Lak of Distress as Utmost Distress?
61. Machination
62. Self-Dissembling of the Abandonment of Being by Machination and "Lived-Experience"
63. Live-Experience
64. Machination
65. What Is Not Ownmost to Be-ing
66. Machination and Lived-Experience
67. Machination and Lived-Experience
68. Machination and Lived-Experience
69. Lived-Experience and "Anthropology"
70. The Gigantic
71. The Gigantic
72. Nihilism
73. Abandonment of Being and "Science"
74. "Total Mobilization" as Consequence of Originary Abandonment of Being
75. On Being Mindful of Science
76. Propositions about "Science"
77. Experiri--Experientia--Experimentum--"Experiment"--ἐμπειρία--Experience--Probe
78. Experiri (ἐμπειρία)--"Experiencing"
79. Exact Science and Experiment
80. Experiri--Experientia--Experimentum--"Experiment"

III. Playing-Forth

81. Playing-Forth
82. Playing-Forth
83. The View of All Metaphysics on Being
84. A Being
85. The Originary Coming-into-Its-Own of the first Beginning Means Gaining a Foothold in the Other Beginning
86. What the History of Metaphysics Keeps Ready and Thus "Plays Forth" as Still Unyielded and Unrecognizable by This History
87. History of the First Beginning (History of Metaphysics)
88. The "Historical" Lectures Belong to the Sphere of This Task
89. Crossing to the Other Beginning
90. From the First to the Other Beginning: Negation
91. From the First to the Other Beginning
92. Setting into Perspective the First and the Other Beginning
93. The Great Philosophies
94. Setting Apart the Other Beginning
95. The First Beginning
96. The Inceptual Interpretation of Being as φύσις
97. φύσις (τέχνη)
98. Projecting Beingness Open unto Constant Presence
99. "Being" and "Becoming" in Inceptual Thinking
100. The First Beginning
101. From Early on Must, Clearly, and in a Secure Light...
102. Thinking: The Guiding-Thread of the Guiding-Question of Western Philosophy
103. On the Notion of German Idealism
104. German Idealism
105. Hölderlin-Kierkegaard-Nietzsche
106. The Decision about All Ontology in Enactment: Contention between the First and the Other Beginning
107. REsponding to the Guiding-Question and the Form of Traditional Metaphysics
108. The Basic Metaphysical Positions within the History of the Guiding-Question and the Interpretation of Time-Space That Belongs to Each of Them
109. ἰδέα
110. ἰδέα, Platonism, and Idealism
111. The "A priori" and φύσις
112. The "A priori"
113. ἰδέα and οὐσία
114. On Nietzsche's Basic Metaphysical Position

IV. Leap

115. The Guiding-Attunement of the Leap
116. Being-History
117. Leap
118. Leap
119. The Leap into Preparation by Asking the Grounding-Question
120. Leap
121. Be-ing and Beings
122. Leap (The Thrown Projecting-Open)
123. Be-ing
124. Leap
125. Be-ing and Time
126. Be-ing and a Being and Gods
127. Cleavage
128. Be-ing and Man
129. The Nothing
130. The "Essential Sway" of Be-ing
131. The Overflow in the Essential Sway of Be-ing (Self-Sheltering)
132. Be-ing and a Being
133. The Essential Sway of Be-ing
134. The Relation of Da-sein and Be-ing
135. The Essential Swaying of Be-ing and Enowning (The Relation of Da-sein and Be-ing)
136. Be-ing
137. Be-ing
138. Truth of Be-ing and Understanding of Being
139. The Essential Swaying of Be-ing: Truth and Time-Space
140. The Essential Swaying of Be-ing
141. The Essential Sway of Be-ing
142. The Essential Sway of Be-ing
143. Be-ing
144. Be-ing and the Originary Strife (Be-ing or Not-Be-ing in the Essential Sway of Be-ing Itself)
145. Be-ing and Nothing
146. Be-ing and Not-Being
147. The Essential Swaying of Be-ing (Its Finitude)
148. A Being Is
149. Beingness of Beings Differentiated According to τί ἐστιν and ὅτι ἔστιν
150. The Origin of Differentiation of the What and the That of a Being
151. Being and a Being
152. The Stages of Be-ing
153. Life
154. "Life"
155. Nature and Earth
156. Cleavage
157. Cleavage and "Modalities"
159. Cleavage
160. Being-toward-Death and Being
161. Being-toward-Death
162. Be-ing-toward-Death
160. Being-toward-Death and Being
164. The Essential Swaying of Be-ing
165. Essential Sway as Essential Swaying
166. Essential Swaying and Essential Sway
167. Advancing into Essential Swaying

V. Grounding

a) Da-sein and Projecting Being Open

168. Da-sein and Being
169. Da-sein
170. Da-sein
171. Da-sein
172. Da-sein and the Question of Being
173. Da-sein
174. Da-sein and Inabiding
175. Da-sein and the Beings in the Whole
176. Da-sein: Elucidating the Word
177. Being-Away
178. "Da-sein Exists for the Sake of Itself"
179. "Existence" (Being and Time [GA 2, pp. 56-57])
180. Be-ing and Understanding og Being
181. Leap
182. Projecting Be-ing Open: Projecting-Open as Thrown
183. Projecting-Open unto Be-ing
184. The Question of Being as Question Cencerning the Truth of Be-ing
185. What Is Called Da-sein?
186. Da-sein

b) Da-sein

187. Grounding
188. Grounding
189. Da-sein
190. On Da-sein
191. Da-sein
192. Da-sein
193. Da-sein and Man
194. Man and Da-sein
195. Da-sein and Man
196. Da-sein and the People
197. Da-sein--Ownhood--Selfhood
198. Grounding of Da-sein as En-grounding
199. Transcendence and Da-sein and Be-ing
200. Da-sein
201. Da-sein and Being-Away
202. Da-sein (Being Away)
203. Projecting-Open and Da-sein

c) The Essential Sway of Truth

204. The Essential Sway of Truth
205. The Open
206. From ἀλήθεια to Da-sein
207. From ἀλήθεια to Da-sein
208. Truth
209. ἀλήθεια--Openness and Clearing of Self-Sheltering-Concealing
210. On the History of the Essential Swaying of Truth
211. ἀλήθεια: The Crisis of its History in Plato and Aristotle, the Last Emanation and Total Collapse
212. Truth as Certainty
213. What the Question of Truth Is About
214. The Essential Sway of Truth (Openness)
215. The Essential Swaying of Truth
216. Approaching the Question of Truth
217. The Essential Sway of Truth
218. The Announcement of the Essential Swaying of Truth
219. The Jointure of the Question of Truth
220. The Question of Truth
221. Truth as Essential Swaying of Be-ing
222. Truth
223. What Is Ownmost to Truth (What Is Not Its Ownmost)
224. The Essential Sway of Truth
225. The Essential Sway of Truth
226. Clearing of Sheltering-Concealing and ἀλήθεια
227. On the Essential Sway of Truth
228. The Essential Sway of Truth is Un-Truth
229. Truth and Da-sein
230. Truth and Correctness
231. How Truth, ἀλήθεια, Becomes Correctness
232. The Question of Truth as Historically Mindful Deliberation
233. Enjoining the Interpretation of the Simile of the Cave (1931/32 and 1933/34) to the Question of Truth
234. The Question Concerning Truth (Nietzsche)
235. Truth and Genuineness
236. Truth
237. Faith and Truth

d) Time-Space as Ab-ground

238. Time-Space
239. Time-Space (Preparatory Consideration)
240. Time and Space: Their "Actuality" and "Source"
241. Space and Time--Time-Space
242. Time-Space as Ab-ground

e) The Essential Swaying of Truth as Sheltering

243. Sheltering
244. Truth and Sheltering
245. Truth and Sheltering
246. Sheltering of Truth in What Is True
247. Grounding Da-sein and Trajectories of Sheltering Truth

VI. The Ones to Come

248. The Ones to Come
249. The Grouding-Attunement of the Ones to Come
250. The Ones to Come
251. What is Ownmost to a People and to Da-sein
252. Da-sein and the Ones to Come Who Belong to the Last God

VI. The Last God

253. The Last
254. Refusal
255. Turning in Enowning
256. The Last God

VII. Be-ing

257. Be-ing
258. Philosophy
259. Philosophy
260. The Gigantic
261. The Opinion about Be-ing
262. "Projecting-Open" be-ing and Be-ing as Projecting-Open
263. Every Projecting-Open Is a Thrown One
264. Projecting Be-ing Open and Understanding of Being
265. En-thinking of Be-ing
266. Be-ing and "Ontological Difference" "Differentiation"
267. Be-ing (Enowning)
268. Be-ing (Differentiation)
269. Be-ing
270. The Essential Sway of Be-ing (The Essential Swaying)
271. Da-sein
272. Man
273. History
274. A Being and Calculation
275. A Being
276. Be-ing and Language
277. "Metaphysics" and the Origin of the Work of Art
278. Origin of the Work of Art
279. What about Gods?
280. The Question of Crossing
281. Language (Its Origin)

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