GA Selis

Heidegger Gesamtausgabe Page Application

Displays a page from Heidegger's collected works. If that page is found. Around a thousand pages have been edited, to match the original as closely as possible. The other ~27,000 pages hosted on are "hot off the OCR". They were generated by machines scanning pages from the books. All OCR'd pages have some errors. In most volumes' pages the errors are limited to Greek diacritics, umlauts, and formatting. A program, GASteller.exe, extracts the pages from PDF and generates HTML for each page in the book. A few volumes are missing because I don't have a good-enough digital text.

If you have a better quality text than displays in GA Selis today, send it to info at Sending simple text snippets with corrections is helpful too.

Thank you Gibrán Riveréndez for fixing the pagination problem in GA 27.

When you double-click on a Greek word on a page, GA Selis will look it up in the glossary. So far the glossary only has a couple hundred words.

Report bugs, send corrections, make suggestions to info at