Die Erinnerung in die Metaphysik

Recollections in Metaphysics

In this short text, written in 1941, Heidegger develops further some of the insights of his lecture courses on Friedrich Nietzsche and nihilism. Recollection in the history of being thinks history as the arrival of the truth of being, which has been both sheltered and preserved since the inception of philosophy. This recollection makes possible the commemorative thinking of the truth of being, insofar as it remembers the hidden synergy between being as clearing and truth as unconcealment. Being and truth belong together. Their intertwining in the beginning of the history of being is still pregnant with a coming possibility.

Recollection in metaphysics is a necessary epoch in the history of being, which gives us the task to think how being allows for the unconcealment of entities and how the address of being attunes thinking. Recollection in metaphysics entrusts human beings to discover that it is by virtue of the turning that human being is admitted into the truth of being.