Einige Hinweise auf Hauptgesichtspunkte für das theologische Gespräch über “Das Problem eines nichtobjektivierenden Denkens und Sprechens in der heutigen Theologie”

Theological Discussion of “The Problem of a Nonobjectifying Thinking and Speaking in Today’s Theology”–Some Pointers to its Major Aspects

[Note: this is an appendix to "Phänomenologie und Theologie"; doesn't appear in table of contents.]

Heidegger wrote this letter for a theological discussion that took place at Drew University, in New Jersey, in 1964. Heidegger sees three themes that are worth questioning in regard to the topic of the meeting.

  1. Theology as a mode of thinking and speaking must discuss Christian faith and what is believed therein. With this kept in view, one can inquire into how thinking and speaking can correspond to the proper meaning and claim of faith.
  2. Prior to this discussion, it should be made clear what objectifying thinking and speaking is. Heidegger offers five pointers in the form of questions for the treatment of this problem: A. What does objectifying mean? B. What does thinking mean? C. What does speaking mean? D. Is all thinking in itself a speaking and all speaking in itself a thinking? E. In what sense are thinking and speaking objectifying and in what sense are they not?
  3. One must decide to what extent the problem of a non-objectifying thinking and speaking is a genuine problem at all.