Aus der Erfahrung des Denkens

From the experience of thinking

This sprawling collection contains many short pieces, from a 1910 paean to Abraham a Santa Clara to a greeting, composed a few days before Heidegger’s death. The collection also contains “Creative Landscape: Why Do We Stay in the Province?” (1933), written after refusing a second invitation to Berlin; the 1944/45 “Conversation on Letting-be,” first published in 1959 with “Letting Be” (Gelassenheit); “The Thinker as Poet” (Aus der Erfahrung des Denkens, 1947) and “The Pathway” (Der Feldweg, 1949). Other notable entries include correspondence with Emil Staiger on a Mörike verse, writings on Hebel, an address on “Language and Homeland,” the essay “Art and Space,” and appreciative remarks on Igor Strawinsky and, especially, René Char.