Schöpferisches Landschaft: Warum bleiben wir in der Provinz?

Why do I stay in the provinces?

Heidegger wrote this short text in 1933, after he had rejected the philosophy chair of the University of Berlin. It was aired on the radio in 1933 and 1934, and published in 1934. Heidegger explains that his philosophical work is closely related to the work of the farmers in the Black Forest. At the end of the text, Heidegger recounts how he asked his neighbor in Todtnauberg, a 75-year-old farmer, whether he should go to Berlin. The farmer kept silent and only shook his head almost imperceptibly, which meant an absolute “no.”

Translated in Philosophical and Political Writings.

Aus der Erfahrung des Denkens. 1910-76 (GA 13)