GA 50

50 Nietzsches Metaphysik / Einleitung in die Philosophie—Denken und Dichten (WS 1941/42 und WS 1944/45)

Nietzsche’s Metaphysics. Introduction To Philosophy — Thinking and Poetizing

The first of these lectures was not given but re-worked and published 1961 in Nietzsche I–II. The second set of lectures, broken off as Heidegger was enlisted in the Volkssturm (national militia) towards the end of the war, introduce philosophy through consideration of (a) Nietzsche’s basic experience of the godlessness and worldlessness of modern humanity, (b) the basic mood at work in this experience, namely, the homelessness of modern humanity, and (c) his basic thought, the will-to-power, on the basis of which the homeless leave behind a new homeland.