morphologically motivated meaning, but rather that the fulfillment generally is of such a kind that it generally is something that actualizes itself from out of its own forms, that life always addresses itself and answers itself in its own language, that structurally life does not need to untwist itself out of itself in order to maintain itself in its own meaning, that its structure suffices for itself, even to somehow overcome, again and again, its imperfections, its insufficiencies in all possible forms and contingencies and limitations—that is what the sense of "self-sufficiency" means. It strikes upon a structural character of life, which it places upon itself: that it is itself an "in itself." It carries within itself, structurally (which pervades every how and what in their innermost content), the availabilities necessitated by itself as possibilities of fulfillment of the tendencies growing out of itself.

Thus, every questionability (not just theoretical-scientific) receives its answer in the structural form of life in itself.1 Also, every original region will have to give itself in life itself and be pervaded by its basic structure, provided that there is any such thing at all, which has now nevertheless become highly questionable. Because in religion and in worldview, the ultimate questionabilities are alive and, in some way, are answered. Better worldviews, a more vital religion fundamentally change nothing. They place life as a whole in question and give it an ultimate meaning—and precisely because the ultimate questioning is simply given in a religious answer, in an ideological interpretation, but not in a strictly scientific way. What should the discourse of the original region of life in itself be here, which is supposed to be accessible and is supposed [43] to be illuminated using a strict method? In which strict scientific sense is life in itself at all supposed to be able to become questionable?

§ 10. Forms of manifestation of the self-world, with-world, environing-world

However, before we can effectively pursue these problems, a renewed consideration of life in itself is required. What does that mean? A renewed consideration, a retelling, a verification of what has already been considered or providing more particular, still more concrete minutiae? Obviously, to refrain from that which is fundamental, that would not bring us further along.

Thus, if we once again run through life in itself as it gives itself immediately in its self-evidence, it happens in a new perspective. We see it in