§24. The Double Sense of the Possibility of Conceptuality [271–273]

The being is, ultimately, always addressed in terms of its being. A definite sense of being guides every natural interpretation of beings. This sense does not need to be made categorially explicit, and precisely when it is not, it possesses its genuine being and its authority. In this interpretation of being-there, being means being-present, being-completed. The being is not only there in its look; the being-character is itself explicitly there, in the sense of the explicitness of everyday seeing, considering, discussing.

(c) The prevailing intelligibility. Being-with-one-another is thoroughly governed by δόξα. All speaking is oriented toward bringing the questionable, the unintelligible, into a definite familiarity. Being-there has, in itself, a definite claim on that which is familiar in a genuine sense. Being-there, in its interpretation, is thoroughly governed by a definite idea of evidence, which is sufficient for being-there as such, an evidence from which the scientific sense of evidence takes its standard, the various proofs, the rigor of proofs. Familiarity is the standard of intelligibility that λόγος possesses, that proceeds from the ἔνδοξον and returns to it.

Ad 2. We have to ask more precisely how the being thus characterized can be cultivated as being-there itself, in such a way that conceptuality comes forward. We already know that the being-there of human beings is characterized by προαίρεσις. A “resolving-oneself” is always determined by the fact it that resolves itself in opposition to something. Accordingly, the cultivation of conceptuality also presumably arises from such a way of being of being-there, which runs precisely counter to this conceptuality, so that the being of the being-possible of conceptuality can be characterized as possibility in a double-sense: (1) in the sense of the possibility of that on the basis of which conceptuality can be cultivated, as from its contrary and (2) for-what and upon what, being-there can be cultivated in the conceiving of conceptuality.

On the basis of this orientation, we will have to characterize movement since we will come to know it as a determination of beings, namely, of being-alive, from which all further consideration of being is developed. Κίνησις: guiding clue for the explication of the being of the being-there of human beings.1

§24. The Double Sense of the Possibility of Conceptuality in Being-There

I have attempted to establish the connection: to make conceptuality itself intelligible on the basis of being-there as such, to exhibit being-there according to a basic possibility of its being. This being has the possibility of carrying in itself the basic determinations of conceptuality. The fact of the matter is that, in human living, something like science and scientific research is possible. There

1. See Hs. p. 354 ff.

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