The Fundamental Ontological Question of
the Meaning of Being in General

The Basic Structures and
Basic Ways of Being

The discussion of the four theses in Part One was intended in each case to make an ontological problem accessible to us. This was to be done in such a way that the four groups of problems thus arising would show themselves to be intrinsically a unit, the problems constituting the whole of the basic problems of ontology. The following emerged as the four basic ontological problems; first, the problem of the ontological difference, the distinction between being and beings; secondly, the problem of the basic articulation of being, the essential content of a being and its mode of being; thirdly, The problem of the possible modifications of being and of the unity of the concept of being in its ambiguity; fourthly, the problem of the truth-character of being.

We shall assign the four chapters of this second part each to one of these our basic problems.