I.       Foundational issues in the question of truth.

II.      Leaping ahead into the essentialization [die Wesung] of truth

III.    Recollection of the first shining forth of the essence of truth, ἀλήθεια (unconcealedness), as the basic character of beings. (The history of its flaming up and expiring from Anaximander to Aristotle.)

IV.    The question of truth as the unfolding of the essentialization of Being, which comes to pass as the clearing of the "in the midst" of beings.

V.      The question of truth as the grounding of ex-istence [Da-sein].

VI.    The essentialization of truth as the truth of Being in the abyss.

VII.  The abyss as the space of play of time. (Space and time in the previous interpretation, one determined by metaphysics and its guiding question).

VIII. The abyss and the strife. (Da-sein: earth and world).

IX.    Truth and its shelter in beings as the recasting of beings into Being.

X.     The full essentialization of truth and the inclusion of correctness.

Preview of the context for the discussion of I:

In I., Da-sein can only be kept in silence, because in Da-sein, as occurring through Being, the ground of truth is grounded, such that this ground becomes an abyss.

Here Da-sein cannot even be mentioned, because it would immediately be interpreted as an object and the determination of the essence of truth would be denigrated into a mere "new" theory. Instead of that, we attempted to show the necessity of the question of truth out of its necessary lack of being questioned in the first beginning. But this leads to the question of the primordial need and its basic disposition. And all this can be said only if Da-sein is already and steadily intended as the ground of the clearing for the self-concealing.

Everything will be misinterpreted if taken in terms of lived experience. Thoughtful reflection on the essence of truth as the clearing of Being can only be preparatory, but this is a necessary preparation.

The overthrow can only be accomplished by an art compelled by the most distant god, provided art is the putting into work of the truth.

Basic Questions of Philosophy (GA 45) by Martin Heidegger