348 II. 2
Being and Time

concernful solicitude, so primordially and wholly envelops Dasein's Being that it must already be presupposed as a whole when we distinguish between theoretical and practical behaviour; it cannot first be built up out of these faculties by a dialectic which, because it is existentially ungrounded, is necessarily quite baseless. Resoluteness, however, is only that authenticity which, in care, is the object of care [in der Sorge gesorgte], and which is possible as care-the authenticity of care itself.

To present the factical existentiell possibilities in their chief features and interconnections, and to Interpret them according to their existential structure, falls among the tasks of a thematic existential anthropology.xv For the purposes of the present investigation as a study of fundamental ontology, it is enough if that authentic potentiality-for-Being which conscience attests for Dasein itself in terms of Dasein itself, is defined existentially.

Now that resoluteness has been worked out as Being-guilty, a self=projection in which one is reticent and ready for anxiety,1 our investigation has been put in a position for defining the ontological meaning of that potentiality which we have been seeking-Dasein's authentic potentiality- for-Being-a-whole. By now the authenticity of Dasein is neither an empty term nor an idea which someone has fabricated. But even so, as an authentic potentiality-for-Being-a-whole, the authentic Being-towards-death which we have deduced existentially still remains a purely existential project for which Dasein's attestation is missing. Only when such attestation has been found will our investigation suffice to exhibit (as its problematic requires) an authentic potentiality-for-Being-a-whole, existentially confirmed and clarified-a potentiality which belongs to Dasein. For only when this entity has become phenomenally accessible in its authenticity and its totality, will the question of the meaning of the Being of this entity, to whose existence there belongs in general an understanding of Being, be based upon something which will stand any test.

1 'Mit der Herausarbeitung der Entschlossenheit als des verschwiegenen, angstbereiten Sichentwerfens auf das eigenste Schuldigsein ...' The earlier editions have '... dem verschwiegenen, angstbereiten Sichentwerfen auf ...'