61. A Preliminary Sketch of the Methodological Step from the Definition of Dasein' s Authentic Being-a-whole to the Laying-bare of Temporality as a Phenomenon

AN authentic potentiality-for-Being-a-whole on the part of Dasein has been projected existentially. By analysing this phenomenon, we have revealed that authentic Being-towards-death is anticipation.1 Dasein's [302] authentic potentiality-for-Being, in its existentiell attestation, has been exhibited, and at the same time existentially Interpreted, as resoluteness.1 How are these two phenomena of anticipation and resoluteness to be brought together ? Has not our ontological projection of the authentic potentiality-for-Being-a-whole led us into a dimension of Dasein which lies far from the phenomenon of resoluteness? What can death and the 'concrete Situation' of taking action have in common? In attempting to bring resoluteness and anticipation forcibly together, are we not seduced into an intolerable and quite unphenomenological construction, for which we can no longer claim that it has the character of an ontological projection, based upon the phenomena ?

Any superficial binding together of the two phenomena is excluded. There still remains one way out, and this is the only possible method : namely, to take as our point of departure the phenomenon of resoluteness, as attested in its existentiell possibility, and to ask: "Does resoluteness, in its ownmost existentiell tendency of Being, point forward to anticipatory resoluteness as its ownmost authentic possibility?" What if resoluteness, in accordance with its own meaning, should bring itself into its authenticity only when it projects itself not upon any random possibilities which just lie closest, but upon that uttermost possibility which lies ahead of every factical potentiality-for-Being of Dasein,2 and, as such, enters more or less

1 'In seiner existenziellen Bezeugung wurde das eigentliche Seinkönnen des Daseins als Entschlossenheit aufgezeigt und zugleich existenzial interpretiert.' In the earlier editions the words 'aufgezeigt und zugleich existenzial interpretiert' are inserted between 'Bezeugung' and 'wurde', not in their present position.

2 '... die allem faktischen Seinkönnen des Daseins vorgelagert ist ...' Cf. note 1, p. 303, H. 259 above.

Being and Time (M&R) by Martin Heidegger page 349