354 II. 3
Being and Time

—that is to say, it understands itself in it. This understanding maintains itself, therefore, in a primordial possibility of Dasein. It maintains itself authentically in it if the resoluteness is primordially that which it tends to be. But we have revealed that Dasein's primordial Being towards its potentiality-for-Being is Being-towards-death—that is to say, towards that distinctive possibility of Dasein which we have already characterized. Anticipation discloses this possibility as possibility. Thus only as anticipating does resoluteness become a primordial Being towards Dasein's ownmost potentiality-for-Being. Only when it 'qualifies' itself as Being-towards-death does resoluteness understand the 'can' of its potentiality-for-Being guilty.1

When Dasein is resolute, it takes over authentically in its existence the fact that it is the null basis of its own nullity. We have conceived death existentially as what we have characterized as the possibility of the impossibility of existence—that is to say, as the utter nullity of Dasein. Death is not "added on" to Dasein at its 'end'; but Dasein, as care, is the thrown (that is, null) basis for its death. The nullity by which Dasein's Being is dominated primordially through and through, is revealed to Dasein itself in authentic Being-towards-death. Only on the basis of Dasein's whole Being does anticipation make Being-guilty manifest. Care harbours in itself both death and guilt equiprimordially. Only anticipatory resoluteness understands the potentiality-for-Being-guilty authentically and wholly—that is to say, primordially.ii

[307] When the call of conscience is understood, lostness in the "they" is revealed. Resoluteness brings Dasein back to its ownmost potentiality-for-Being-its-Self. When one has an understanding Being-towards-death—towards death as one's ownmost possibility—one's potentiality-for-Being becomes authentic and wholly transparent.

The call of conscience passes over in its appeal all Dasein's 'worldly' prestige and potentialities. Relentlessly it individualizes Dasein down to its potentiality-for-Being-guilty, and exacts of it that it should be this potentiality authentically. The unwavering precision with which Dasein is thus essentially individualized down to its ownmost potentiality-forBeing, discloses the anticipation of [zum] death as the possibility which is non-relational. Anticipatory resoluteness lets the potentiality-for-Being-guilty, as one's ownmost non-relational possibility, be struck wholly into the conscience.

Any factical Dasein has been determined by its ownmost Being-guilty both before any factical indebtedness has been incurred and after any such

1 'Das "kann" des Schuldigseinkönnens versteht die Entschlossenheit erst, wenn sie sich als Sein zum Tode "qualifiziert".'

Being and Time (M&R) by Martin Heidegger