356 II. 3
Being and Time

an existentiell manner, one's very lostness in irresoluteness gets undermined. The holding-for-true which belongs to resoluteness, tends, in accordance with its meaning, to hold itself free constantly-that is, to hold itself free for Dasein's whole potentiality-for-Being. This constant certainty is guaranteed to resolutt:ness only so that it will relate itself to that possibility of which it can be utterly certain. In its death, Dasein must simply 'take back' everything. Since resoluteness is constantly certain of deathin other words, since it anticipates it-resoluteness thus attains a certainty which is authentic and whole.

But Dasein is equiprimordially in the untruth. Anticipatory resoluteness gives Dasein at the same time the primordial certainty that it has been closed off. In anticipatory resoluteness, Dasein holds itself open for its constant lostness in the irresoluteness of the "they"-a lostness which is possible from the very basis of its own Being. As a constant possibility of Dasein, irresoluteness is co-certain. When resoluteness is transparent to itself, it understands that the indefiniteness of one's potentiality-for-Being is made definite only in a resolution as regards the current Situation. It knows about the indefiniteness by which an entity that exists is dominated through and through. But if this knowing is to correspond to authentic resoluteness, it must itself arise from an authentic disclosure. The indefiniteness of one's own potentiality-for-Being, even when this potentiality has become certain in a resolution, is first made wholly manifest in Being-towards-death. Anticipation brings Dasein face to face with a possibility which is constantly certain but which at any moment remains indefinite as to when that possibility will become an impossibility. Anticipation makes it manifest that this entity has been thrown into the indefiniteness of its 'limit-Situation'; when resolved upon the latter, Dasein gains its authentic potentiality-for-Being-a-whole. The indefiniteness of death is primordially disclosed in anxiety. But this primordial anxiety strives to exact resoluteness of itself. It moves out of the way everything which conceals the fact that Dasein has been abandoned to itself. The "nothing" with which anxiety brings us face to face, unveils the nullity by which Dasein, in its very basis, is defined; and this basis itself is as thrownness into death.

[309] Our analysis has revealed seriatim those items of modalization towards which resoluteness tends of itself and which arise from authentic Being towards death as that possibility which is one's ownmost, non-relational, not to be outstripped, certain, and yet indefinite. Resoluteness is authentically and wholly what it can be, only as anticipatory resoluteness.

But on the other hand, in our Interpretation of the 'connection' between resoluteness and anticipation, we have first reached a full