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Being and Time

silent, authentic Being-one's-Self is just the sort of thing that does not keep on saying 'I'; but in its reticence it 'is' that thrown entity as which it can authentically b e. The Self which the reticence of resolute existence unveils is the primordial phenomenal basis for the question as to the Being of the 'I'. Only if we are oriented phenomenally by the meaning of the Being of the authentic potentiality-for-Being-one's-Self are we put in a position to discuss what ontological justification there is for treating substantiality, simplicity, and personality as characteristics of Selfhood. In the prevalent way of saying "I", it is constantly suggested that what we have in advance is a Self-Thing, persistently present-at-hand; the ontological question of the Being of the Self must turn away from any such suggestion.

Care does not need to be founded in a Self. But existentiality, as constitutive for care, provides the ontological constitution of Dasein's Self-constancy, to which there belongs, in accordance with the full structural content of care, its Being-fallen factically into non-Self-constancy. When fully conceived, the care-structure includes the phenomenon of Selfhood. This phenomenon is clarified by Interpreting the meaning of care; and it is as care that Dasein's totality of Being has been defined.

65. Temporality as the Ontological Meaning of Care

In characterizing the 'connection' between care and Selfhood, our aim was not only to clarify the special problem of "I"-hood, but also to help in the final preparation for getting into our grasp phenomenally the totality of Dasein's structural whole. We need the unwavering discipline of the existential way of putting the question, if, for our ontological point of view, Dasein's kind of Being is not to be finally perverted into a mode of presence-at-hand, even one which is wholly undifferentiated. Dasein becomes 'essentially' Dasein in that authentic existence which constitutes itself as anticipatory resoluteness.1 Such resoluteness, as a mode of the authenticity of care, contains Dasein's primordial Self-constancy and totality. We must take an undistracted look at these and understand them existentially if we are to lay bare the ontological meaning ofDasein's Being.

What are we seeking ontologically with the meaning of care ? What [324] does "meaning" signify ? In our investigation, we have encountered this phenomenon in connection with the analysis of understanding and interpretation. xxH According to that analysis, meaning is that wherein the understandability [Verstehbarkeit] of something maintains itself-even

1 'Das Dasein wird "wesentlich" in der eigentlichen Existenz, die sich als vorlaufende Entschlossenheit konstituiert.'

Being and Time (M&R) by Martin Heidegger