435 II. 5
Being and Time

whether Dasein draws it authentic possibilities of existence from thrownness or not, we must assure ourselves that we have a full conception of thrownness as a basic attribute of care.

As thrown, Dasein has indeed been delivered over to itself and to its potentiality-for-Being, but as Being-in-the-world. As thrown, it has been submitted to a 'world', and exists factically with Others. Proximally and for the most part the Self is lost in the "they". It understands itself in terms of those possibilities of existence which 'circulate' in the 'average' public way of interpreting Dasein today. These possibilities have mostly been made unrecognizable by ambiguity; yet they are well known to us. The authentic existentiell understanding is so far from extricating itself from the way of interpreting Dasein which has come down to us, that in each case it is in terms of this interpretation, against it, and yet again for it, that any possibility one has chosen is seized upon in one's resolution.

The resoluteness in which Dasein comes back to itself, discloses current factical possibilities of authentic existing, and discloses them in terms of the heritage which that resoluteness, as thrown, takes over. In one's coming back resolutely to one's thrownness, there is hidden a handing down to oneself of the possibilities that have come down to one, but not necessarily as having thus come down.1 If everything 'good' is a heritage, and the character of 'goodness' lies in making authentic existence possible, then the handing down of a heritage constitutes itself in resoluteness. The more authentically [384] Dasein resolves-and this means that in anticipating death it understands itself unambiguously in terms of its ownmost distinctive possibility-the more unequivocally does it choose and find the possibility of its existence, and the less does it do so by accident. Only by the anticipation of death is every accidental and 'provisional' possibility driven out. Only Being-free for death, gives Dasein its goal outright and pushes existence into its finitude. Once one has grasped the finitude of one's existence, it snatches one back from the endless multiplicity of possibilities which offer themselves as closest to one-those of comfortableness, shirking, and taking things lightly-and brings Dasein into the simplicity of its fate [Schicksals]. This is how we designate Dasein's primordial historizing, which lies in authentic resoluteness and in which Dasein hands itself down to itself, free for death, in a possibility which it has inherited and yet has chosen.

1 'Die Entschlossenheit, in der das Dasein auf sich selbst zurückkommt, erschliesst die jeweiligen faktischen Möglichkeiten eigentlichen Existierens ons dem Erbe, das sie als geworfene übernimmt. Das entschlossene Zurückkommen auf die Geworfenheit birgt em Sichüberliefern überkommener Möglichkeiten in sich, obzwar nicht notwendig als überkommener.' The grammatical structure of both sentences is ambiguous. Notice also the counterpoint of the verbs 'zurückkommen', 'überkommen', 'überliefern', 'übernehmen,' which cannot be reproduced in translation.

Being and Time (M&R) by Martin Heidegger