Being-in-the-World in General as the Fundamental Constitution of Dasein

¶ 12. A Preliminary Sketch of Being-in-the-World [In-der-Welt-sein], in Terms of an Orientation towards Being-in [In-Sein] as Such

In the preparatory discussion (§ 9) we already pro.filed characteristics of being which are to provide us with a steady light for our further investigation, but which at the same time receive their structural concretion in this investigation. Dasein is a being which is related understandingly [53] in its being toward that being [Sein]. In saying this we are indicating the formal concept of existence. Dasein exists. Furthermore, Dasein is the being which I myself always am. Mineness [Jemeinigkeit] belongs to existing Dasein as the condition of the possibility of authenticity and inauthenticity. Dasein exists always in one of these modes, or else in the modal indifference [Indifferenz] to them.

These determinations of the being [Seinsbestimmungen] of Dasein, however, must now be seen and understood a priori on the basis of that constitution of being which we call being-in-the-world. The correct point of departure of the analytic of Dasein consists in the interpretation of this constitution.

The compound expression "being-in-the-world" indicates, in the very way we have coined it, that it stands for a unified phenomenon. This primary datum must be seen as a whole. But while being-inthe- world cannot be broken up into components that may be pieced together, this does not prevent it from having a multiplicity of constitutive structural factors. The phenomenal fact indicated by this expression actually gives us a threefold perspective. If we pursue it while keeping the whole phenomenon in mind from the outset we have the following:

Martin Heidegger (GA 2) Being & Time (S&S)