Insight Into That Which Is [23]

reserve? The things are gone, gone away—where to? In their place what has been—placed?

The things are as though long gone and nevertheless they have never yet been as things.

As things—never yet has their thing essence properly reached the light and been preserved.

What is horrifying announces and conceals itself in the way that the nearness nearby remains outstanding. What does this mean? It means: the thing does not thing; the thing does not presence as thing.

World does not world. Thing / World do not take place; the event of appropriation refuses itself. The differentiation remains forgotten; forgetting essences!

Thinging is not lit up as the essence of things and preserved as lit up. Even what lies far off presences—only for us, perhaps, because Dasein. But not the way to it; [nevertheless] this is something like it itself in its veiled presencing.

The nearby can indeed be called in an emphatic sense that which presences.

In what lies nearby, nearness remains outstanding. In what presences, presencing withdraws. Because it withdraws itself and has so withdrawn, we never encounter it—least of all in the way that we are accustomed to encounter something—in representation.

Lying nearby are what we name things. What is this—a thing?

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