Positionality [3233]

of ways we are inclined to such and such [zumute ist] and can feel ourselves so inclined, disposition [das Gemüt].

We now name the self-gathered collection of positioning [des Stellens], wherein everything orderable essences in the standing reserve, positionality [das Ge-Stell].

This word now no longer names an individual object of the sort like a bookcase or a water well.10 Positionality now also does not name something constant in the ordered standing reserve. Positionality names the universal ordering, gathered of itself, of the complete orderability of what presences as a whole. The circuit of ordering takes place in positionality and as positionality.

In positionality the presencing of all that presences becomes standing reserve. Positionality constantly draws what is orderable into the circuit of requisitioning, establishes it therein, and thus assigns it as something constant in the standing reserve. The assignment does not place what is constant outside of the circuit of positioning. It only assigns it, but off and away into a subsequent orderability, i.e., back and forth into a requisitioning.

Positionality positions. It wrests everything together into orderability. It reaps everything that presences into orderability and is thus the gathering of this reaping [Raffens]. Positionality is a plundering [Geraff]. But this reaping never merely piles up inventory. Much more, it reaps away what is ordered into the circuit of orderability. Within the circuit, the one positions the other. The one drives the other ahead, but ahead and away into requisitioning.

The collected positioning of positionality is the gathering of self-circulating impulse [Treibens]. Positionality is drive [Getriebe]. The plundering reaps and indeed reaps away into the drive of industry.

Positionality essences as the plundering drive that orders the constant orderability of the complete standing reserve.

What we thereby think as positionality is the essence of technology.

10. still sharper contrast with composition [Montage], rod assemblies and pistons [Gestänge und Geschiebe]; skeletal structure [Gerippe]

Martin Heidegger (GA 79) Positionality - Bremen and Freiburg Lectures

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