Insight Into That Which Is [4041]

which, as the constantly orderable, are placed into that positioning as which positionality reigns.

Positionality is the essence of technology. Its positioning is universal. It addresses itself to the unity of the whole of all that presences. Positionality thus sets in place the way that everything present now presences. All that is, in the most manifold of ways and variations and whether obviously or in a still hidden manner, is a piece of inventory of the standing reserve in the requisitioning of positionality. The constant consists in an orderable replaceability by an ordered equivalent.

The essence of technology is positionality. Positionality orders. It orders what is present through conscription. Positionality orders what is present into standing reserve. What is constant of the standing reserve are the pieces of standing reserve. Their constancy consists in the orderable replaceability of the steadily equivalent, which is in place and at the ready. But here a consideration arises. If the essence of technology consists in positionality, but technology seeks to impose upon the forces and materials of nature, i.e., seeks to challenge them forth as that which, expedited along, conducts everything toward a successful result, then precisely the essence of technology itself reveals that it is not universal. The forces and materials of nature set so decisive a limit for technology that technology remains referred to nature as the source and backing of its technological standing reserve. For this reason, we would not be able to proclaim that everything that presences would essence in the manner of something constant, something that comes to a stand in the requisitioning of positionality. Positionality does not concern all that presences. Technology is only one actuality among other actualities. To be sure, technology remains far from constituting the actuality of everything actual.

What is the status of the essence of technology? Is it universal or not? What is the relationship between technology and nature?

Indeed what is this nature that is supposed to presence outside the realm of the technological standing reserve as that to which the requisitioning must ever again return? How does nature presence, insofar as technology, which is dependent upon nature, takes from it the forces of its power plants as well as their materials? What are the forces of nature that are positioned in

Martin Heidegger (GA 79) Positionality - Bremen and Freiburg Lectures

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