Positionality [45]

order to consider what takes place in this exclusion.18 We do not pursue the aftereffects of technology in order to sketch its consequences. We think into the essence of technology in order to experience how, according to its essence, this excluding of nearness is implicated in the essential unfolding of technology. The machines of technology are only able to shorten distances, but nonetheless bring no nearness because the essence of technology from the outset does not allow nearness and farness. However, by no means do we consider the essence of technology in order to construct the edifice of a philosophy of technology or even merely to outline such a philosophy. Technology essences as positionality. But what reigns in positionality? From where and how does the essence of positionality take place?19

18. Why exactly nearness? Nearness and differentiation!

19. positionality as “essence” in the broad sense

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