The Danger

Positionality orders the standing reserve. Prior to this, positionality also prohibits nearness. Nearness remains outstanding in positionality, which everywhere arranges what is distanceless of the equally valued. This provides a hint into the essence of positionality, for it presumably belongs to the essence of positionality that the exclusion of nearness takes place in it because positionality essences in such a manner that it prohibits nearness.

What takes place when nearness is withheld? How does the essence of positionality thereby essence? Nearness nears. Nearness brings the world near.1

But world is the still-concealed mirror-play of the fourfold of heaven and earth, mortals and divinities. To bring the world near is the thinging of the thing. Should the nearness that brings near be prohibited, then the thing as thing remains withheld.

The universal requisitioning of positionality allows all that presences to presence solely as pieces of inventory of the standing reserve. In the standing reserve, objects are no longer permitted, much less the thing as thing. Positionality essences in that it does not yet guard the thing as thing. In the essence of positionality the thing remains unguarded as thing. Positionality’s essence lets the thing go without guard. In our language, where it still inceptually speaks, the word “guard” [die Wahr] means protection. In our Swabian dialect this word “guard” means a child entrusted to maternal protection. Positionality in its positioning lets the thing go without protection—without the guard of its

1. Distance and nearness

Martin Heidegger (GA 79) The Danger - Bremen and Freiburg Lectures

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