The Danger [49–50]

its essence from the truth of being, vanishes into this is nihilism overcome.

But world still refuses itself as world. World still withdraws into the concealment proper to it.

To remain concealed is called in Greek λανθάνειν. Λήθη is concealment. World, in its self-refusing worlding, remains concealed as the essential provenance of being. Yet world remains in concealment (Λήθη) in such a way that its concealment precisely affords an unconcealment:5 the Ἀλήθεια. This is the lighting sheltering of the presencing of what presences in its unconcealment. The being in its being essences as something present from out of Ἀλήθεια. In the unconcealment of what presences as such, in Ἀλήθεια, there rests the full essential richness of the dispensation of the being of all beings, and from there it is dispensed.

Ἀλήθεια sends itself into the lighting sheltering of presencing; it proceeds to unfold what presences into what is dispensational of its presencing. Ἀλήθεια is the dispensation of being, as which dispensation the fullness of the history of being is joined in its epochs. Ἀ-λήθεια, the unconcealment of what presences as such, however, essences only when and only for as long as concealment, Λήθη, takes place. For Ἀλήθεια does not abolish Λήθη. Unconcealment does not consume concealment, but instead unconcealment constantly requires concealment and in this way confirms it as the essential source of Ἀλήθεια. The latter keeps to Λήθη and sustains itself in it. This, however, so decisively that even Ἀλήθεια itself as such,6 early on, falls back into concealment in favor of what presences as such. What presences assumes priority over that wherein alone it essences. For presencing, i.e., enduring and continuing here in the clearing of a worldly openness, can only essence insofar as unconcealment takes place, whether this be experienced for itself and even conceived or not. In fact Ἀλήθεια does not properly guard itself in its own essence. It lapses into concealment, Λήθη. Ἀλήθεια falls into forgetfulness. In no way does this consist in merely not retaining a human representation in the memory somehow; rather forgetfulness, the lapsing into concealment, takes place with Ἀλήθεια itself in favor of the essence of what

5. disclosure

6. guards, remains back—and consequently first ὀρθότης

Martin Heidegger (GA 79) Bremen and Freiburg Lectures

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