The Danger [51–52]

inventory of the standing reserve. In so ordering the standing reserve, positionality places all that is present into a state of distancelessness. Positionality concerns the presencing of all that presences as such. Positionality is thus in its essence the being of beings in its most extreme and presumably completed destiny.

Positionality is the essence of modern technology. The essence of positionality is the being of beings itself, not everywhere and not from time immemorial, but rather now, here where the forgetting of the essence of being completes itself. The event of this completion of the forgetting of being determines the epoch first of all, in that being now essences in the manner of positionality. It is the epoch of the completed unguarding of the thing by positionality. World, however, which worldingly appropriates the thinging of the thing, remains concealed, although it is precisely its concealment that affords the unconcealment of what presences, and thus of presencing, the being of beings. Preserving the truth of the essence of being and dispensing being in its destiny, the world is being itself.

Thoroughly dominating what presences as such in the manner of the unguarding of the thing, positionality is being itself.

World and positionality are the same. But once again: the same is never the equivalent. The same is just as little a merely undifferentiated confluence of the identical. The same is much more the relation of differentiation. In the taking place of this relation [Verhältnis], what is the same is necessarily held [gehalten] in it, i.e., is protected in it, i.e., is preserved in it, and thus in the strong sense of the word remains reserved [verhalten]. World and positionality are the same and thus, to the very extremes of their essence, set against one another.

But the contrariety of world and positionality is no mere present-at-hand antagonism, something representable between present-at-hand objects. The contrariety takes place. It takes place within the same as what essences of being itself. By ordering all that presences into the standing reserve, positionality sets the presencing of what presences outside of its essential provenance, outside of Ἀλήθεια. Ordering the standing reserve, positionality allows the dominance of the distanceless. Everything counts as equal. For what is of equal value, it is no longer a matter of whether and how it itself still presences as unconcealed against something else, something concealed.

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