Insight Into That Which Is [52–53]

Ordering the standing reserve, positionality allows unconcealment and its essence to lapse into full forgetting. Positionality as the essence of being transposes being outside of the truth of its essence, ousts [entsetzt] being from its truth.

In the essencing of positionality, being itself is ousted from the truth of its essence, without however at any time in this displacement and self-unseating being able to sunder itself from the essence of beyng. Insofar as positionality essences, the guardianship of the essence of being, i.e. the world, sets itself under the dominance of a positionality that refuses the world through the unguarding of the thing.

Thus in the essence and reign of positionality, the arrival of the worlding of world is withheld. Yet precisely this event of the withholding of world maintains a hidden distance [Ferne] to the worlding of world.11

In positionality as the completed destiny of the forgetting of the essence of being, a ray from the distant arrival of world inconspicuously shines. Insofar as world refuses its worlding, what happens with world is not nothing, but rather from refusal there radiates the lofty nearness of the most distant distance of world.

World and positionality are the same. They are differently the essence of being. World is the guardian of the essence of being. Positionality is the complete forgetting of the truth of being. The same, the self-differentiated essence of being, is of its own accord in a contrariety, and indeed in the way that the world surreptitiously ousts itself into positionality. Positionality, however, not only sets itself apart from the concealed worlding of the world, but rather, ordering all that presences into the standing reserve, positionality importunes upon the world with the completion of the forgetting of its worlding. Importuning in this way,12 positionality sets after the truth of the essence of being with forgetfulness. This pursuit [Nachstellen] is the authentic positioning [Stellen], which takes place in the essence of positionality. In this pursuit13 there first rests that positioning of positionality that, in the manner of the ordering of the standing reserve, places all that presences into

11. only possible insofar as positionality is the event of appropriation

12. too one-sidedly viewed in terms of world

13. the word is here used differently than in theory and observation, although not without relation to these

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