Insight Into That Which Is [63–64]

distinction concerns the presencing of what presences, i.e., it concerns being. θέσει, θέσις is accordingly thought in relation to being. Thus the relationship between being and positioning was already announced in the first epoch of the history of being. If we attend to this, then from the outset it can no longer bewilder us if once in a subsequent epoch being itself takes place in the manner of a positioning in the sense of positionality. Thereby, and this is something that needs to be repeatedly impressed upon us, we must think positionality [Ge-Stell] as corresponding to growth [Gewächs] and indeed growth as the gathering of what grows [des Wachstums]. Positionality: the gathering of positioning in the sense of pursuing and requisitioning as previously indicated. It is not bewildering that the essence of being attains an essential relation with positioning; what is bewildering is only that for centuries one has never inquired into this relationship. In what sense and in which way is it already shown at the dawn of the destiny of being that a θέσις-character essences in being, i.e., in Φύσις?

Φύσις says: the self-clearing emergence from itself, which brings forth from concealment here into unconcealment that which emergently presences. Φύσις is the bringing-here-forth [Her-vor-bringen], clearing and emerging from itself. But here we cannot understand the word “bringing-here-forth” in the inexact and all-too-common meaning [to produce, beget], where it seems to not require any explication. Much more must we think bringing-here-forth rigorously in the unified dimension that joins concealment (Λήθη) and unconcealment (Ἀ-λήθεια), while relating each of these to the other in accordance with their essence, that is, guarding each of them reciprocally in their essence. Bringing-here-forth, thought in a Greek manner in the sense of Φύσις, means to bring here from concealment forth into unconcealment. This bringing means letting something arrive and presence of its own accord.17 Only when Φύσις reigns is θέσις possible and necessary. For only when there is something present that is brought about by a bringing-here-forth can human positioning, θέσις, then arrange upon such a presence (i.e., the stone) and out of this presence (stone) now something else that presences (a stone

17. Λόγος: to bring-to-lie-before, letting-lie-before

Martin Heidegger (GA 79) Bremen and Freiburg Lectures

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