The Danger [64–65]

staircase and its steps), here among what is already present (the native rocks and soil). What now presences (the stone staircase) presences in the manner of something that, through human positioning (θέσις), i.e., production [Herstellen], becomes steady. What stands here through θέσις essences otherwise than what is brought forth here by φύσις. All the same, it is common to conceive even that which is brought here and brought forth in Φύσις, and thus that which presences, as something standing here. What is brought here forth in Φύσις is standing here [herständig] in unconcealment not through a human production,18 but rather through a bringing-here-forth of itself from itself. Bringing in the manner of Φύσις is now a positioning alongside, a positioning that sets up in unconcealment that which presences from itself. Φύσις, setting itself up in the unconcealed, is the letting presence of what presences in unconcealment.19 The letting presence of what presences is the being of beings. So construed, Φύσις, the emerging bringing-here-forth from itself, showed itself from early on to bear the character of a positioning that is not a human accomplishment. On the contrary Φύσις first brings what presences as such to human production and representation by simultaneously giving unconcealment to humans and placing it at their disposal. Thus, by bringing and giving, it delivers a shelter in unconcealment. But this positioning, the bringing-here-forth from itself of a letting persevere and a sheltering, still has nothing of those traits that the essence of beyng shows in its destiny, which it appropriates20 as positionality. All the same, positioning essences in the manner of a pursuing-ordering positionality, from a concealed provenance in—and an essential relatedness to—positioning in the sense of Φύσις.

The word “positionality” names the essence of technology. Technology does not essence in the manner of a requisitioning and pursuing due to the technological process of building and using an apparatus, something that still appears to us as a “framework” [Gestelle] in the sense of scaffolding and equipment. The essence of technology bears the name positionality because

18. ποίησις

19. “Bringing-near”; the “essence” of presence persevering [An-“wesen” währen]

20. ambiguous!

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