The Turn [73–74]

displaces its truth into forgetfulness such that beyng refuses its essence. Consequently, if the danger is as the danger, then the pursuit properly takes place whereby beyng itself pursues its truth with forgetfulness. When this pursuit with forgetting properly takes place, then forgetting as such makes an entrance. Torn out of its lapsing by this entrance, it is no longer forgetfulness. Through such an entrance, the forgetfulness of the guardianship of beyng is no longer the forgetting of beyng, but by entering it turns into the guardianship of beyng. When the danger is as the danger then, along with the turn of forgetting, the guardianship of beyng takes place, the world takes place. That the world would take place as world, that the thing would thing, this is the distant arrival of the essence of beyng itself.

The self-refusal of the truth of beyng, pursuing itself with forgetfulness, harbors a still-ungranted grace: that this selfpursuit turn itself, that through such a turn forgetfulness turn itself about and become guardianship of the essence of beyng, instead of letting this essence lapse into dissemblance. In the essence of danger there essences and dwells a grace, namely the grace of the turn of the forgetting of beyng into the truth of beyng. In the essence of danger, where it is as the danger, there is the turn to guardianship, there is this guardianship itself, there is that which saves of beyng [das Rettende des Seyns].

When the turn takes place in the danger, this can only occur without mediation. For beyng has nothing similar to itself next to it. It is not effected by another, nor does it take effect. Beyng never runs through a causal network of effects. As beyng, the way that beyng sends itself neither precedes anything effected, nor follows upon anything causative. Abruptly from out of its own essence of concealment, beyng takes place in its epoch. Thus we must take note: The turn of the danger takes place suddenly. In the turn there suddenly lights up the illuminated clearing of the essence of beyng. This sudden self-lighting is the lightning flash. It brings itself into the brightness proper to it, a brightness it brought in with itself. In the turn of the danger, when the truth of beyng flashes, the essence of beyng lights up; the truth of the essence of beyng enters. In taking place, toward what does the entrance [Einkehr] turn? Toward nothing other than beyng itself, essencing as yet in the forgetfulness of its truth. But this beyng

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