The Turn [77]

As what is caught sight of, will we be taken into the essential glance of beyng so that we no longer escape it? Do we thereby attain the essence of nearness, which, thinging in the thing, brings the world near? Do we dwell at home in nearness such that we inceptually belong in the fourfold of sky and earth, mortals and divinities?

Does the insight into that which is take place? Do we correspond to the insight by a glancing that glances into the essence of technology and perceives in it beyng itself?

Do we see the lightning flash of beyng in the essence of technology? The lightning flash that comes out of the stillness as this stillness itself? Stillness appeases. What does it appease? It appeases beyng in the essence of world.7

The world, worlding, would be the nearest of everything near that nears in that it brings the truth of beyng near to the human essence and thus brings the human into the ownership of the event of appropriation.

7. Language!

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