Plato’s Light and the Phenomenon of the Clearing  121

and commodifying ‘enframing’ (Gestell) that dominates our contemporary world. This much is abundantly evident from Heidegger’s own writings, but the existential implications of such releasement to the clearing are surely more far-reaching, even if he addressed some of these possibilities only indirectly, or perhaps not at all, in his own thinking. It remains for us to continue to think through these implications and to draw out understandings that touch upon every aspect of our human sojourn. So, in this spirit, and with a glance towards the East, we may also consider that:

Releasement to the clearing ...

lets be and accepts the arriving and departing of all beings upon the earth and beneath the sky – including ourselves.

lets be and accepts the arriving and departing of the divinities.

undoes the binding power of thoughts, images, phantasies, feelings, emotions, and desires – and frees up their flow.

loosens the hold of egoistic demand, insistence, control, and mastery.

tempers the ought, the must, the should.

dissipates anger and enables acceptance of what comes to pass.

slows down and unclutters the time-space (Zeit-Raum) of our existence, enabling us to dwell and also give leeway (Spielraum) to all beings.

reveals the co-abiding and co-belonging of all Daseins and of all beings within the open.

brings forth compassion and humility and gentleness before the multiple forms and degrees of absencing and distortion intrinsic to presencing.

glimpses what has been refused and repressed by ideologies and dogmatisms, and thereby sets it free.

frees and opens us for the Ereignis (event as advent) of new social and cultural forms.

Richard Capobianco - Engaging Heidegger