I. Prospect [30-31]

The basic framework of this happening is the time-space arising from it.

The time-space is what juts out for measuring the fissure of beyng.

As the juncture of truth, time-space is originally the site of the moment of the event.

The site of the moment essentially occurs out of the event as the strife of earth and world.

The playing out of the strife is Da-sein.

Da-sein happens in the modes in which truth is sheltered out of the securing of the cleared-concealed event.

The sheltering of truth allows what is true to come into the open, and into the distorted, as a being.

Only in that way do beings stand in beyng.

Beings are. Beyng essentially occurs.

Beyng (as event) needs beings so that it might essentially occur. Beings do not need beyng in that way. Beings can still "be" in the abandonment by being; under the domination of this abandonment, the immediate graspability, usability, and serviceability of every sort (e.g., everything must serve the people) obviously constitute what is a being and what is not.

This apparent autonomy of beings in relation to beyng, as if the latter were merely a supplement of "abstract," representational thought, is no actual priority, however; it is only a sign of the entitlement to a blind decline.

The "actual" beings, conceived in terms of the truth of beyng, are nonbeings under the dominance of the distorted essence of semblance' the origin of which remains veiled.

As the grounding of the playing out of the strife into that which is opened up in this strife, Da-sein is humanly endured and sustained in the steadfastness that withstands the "there" and belongs to the event.

Thinking of beyng as event is inceptual thinking, which prepares the other beginning by confronting the first one.

The first beginning thinks beyng as presence out of the presencing that constitutes the first lighting up of one form of the essential occurrence of beyng.

11. Event—Dasein—the human being5

1. Event: the sure light of the essential occurrence of beyng in the most outer horizon of the most inner plight of the historical human being.

5. Cf. The grounding.