I. Prospect [35-36]

In the expression, "He will care for keeping things in order"—he will take care—something of the essence of care comes to light: anticipatory decidedness. Yet, at the same time, care is not a mere attitude of will and cannot at all be reckoned up out of the faculties of the soul.

Care, as the enduring of Da-sein, is an anticipatory decidedness for the truth of beyng and is as well an adherence in the "there," an adherence which carries out what is assigned. The ground of this "as well" is the restraint of Dasein. This restraint disposes only as appropriated belonging to the truth of being

Restraint as the origin of stillness and as law of gathering. The gathering into the stillness and the sheltering of truth. Sheltering and unfolding of truth into taking care and dealing with.

Restraint as openness for the reticent nearness of the essential occurrence of beyng, disposing toward the most remote trembling of appropriative intimations out of the remoteness of the undecidable.

Restraint and seeking: the highest discovery in the seeking itself: the nearness to the decision.

Restraint: the self-contained leap ahead into the turning of the event (thus neither romantic flight nor staid quiescence).

Restraint, silence, and language

Words fail us; they do so originally and not merely occasionally, whereby some discourse or assertion could indeed be carried out but is left unuttered, i.e., where the saying of something sayable or the re-saying of something already said is simply not carried through. Words do not yet come to speech at all, but it is precisely in failing us that they arrive at the first leap. This failing is the event as intimation and incursion of beyng.

This failing us is the inceptual condition for the self-unfolding possibility of an original (poetic) naming of beyng.

Language and the great stillness, the simple nearness of the essence, and the bright remoteness of beings, when words once again are effective. When will such a time come? (Cf. inceptual thinking as non-conceptual.)

Restraint: creative withstanding in the abyss (d. The grounding, 238-242. Time-space).

14. Philosophy and worldview

Philosophy is useless, though sovereign, knowledge

Philosophy is the terrifying, though rare, questioning of the truth of beyng.