I. Prospect [80-81]

Instead, it is the holding itself back of restraint. against the hesitant. self-withholding in the truth (clearing of concealment) of the plight, from which arises the necessity of the decision (cf. Prospect, 46. The decision).

When this restraint reaches words, what is said is always the event. But to understand this saying means to carry out the projection and leap of knowledge into the event. The saying that bears silence is what grounds. Its word is not by any means merely a sign for something quite other. What it names is what is meant, but the "meaning" assigns only as Da-sein, i.e., in thinking and questioning.

Bearing silence and questioning: essential questioning as placing into decision of the essence of truth.

Seeking after beyng? The original finding in the original seeking.

Seeking—already holding oneself in the truth, in the open realm of the self-concealing and self-withdrawing. Seeking (originally) as the basic relation to the hesitant withholding. Seeking as questioning and yet bearing silence.

The one who seeks has already found! And the original seeking is this grasping of what has already been found, namely, the grasping of what is self-concealing as such.

Whereas ordinary seeking finds in the first place, and has found, when it stops seeking.

Therefore the original finding is sheltered in the original sheltering precisely as seeking qua seeking. To honor what is most question-worthy, to abide in the questioning, steadfastness.

39. The event

That is the essential title for the attempt at inceptual thinking, but the official title can only be Contributions to Philosophy.

The projection intends what can be willed only in the attempt at an inceptual thinking which knows a little of itself: to be a conjuncture [Fuge] of this thinking.

That means:

1. In the construct there is no loosening of the rigor of the structure [Gefüge], just as if at issue—and this is always at issue in philosophy—were the impossible: to apprehend the truth of beyng in the completely developed fullness of its grounded essence

2. What is allowed here is only the availability [Gefügung] of one way an individual can traverse while renouncing the possibility of overseeing other, perhaps more essential, ways.

Contributions to Philosophy (of the Event) (GA 65) by Martin Heidegger