§39 [81-82]

3. The attempt must clearly realize that both, the structure and the disposal, remain a dispensation [Fügung] of beyng itself, of its intimating and withdrawing of its truth, and not something that can be obtained by force.

A conjuncture in this threefold sense must be attempted and thereby also something more essential and more successful (which is bestowed on the future ones), something from which a leap can be taken, a leap that is provisionally appended and inserted in order to be overcome.

This overcoming, provided it is genuine and necessary, certainly brings about what is greatest: it for the first time brings a thoughtful attempt to stand historically in its futurity, brings it to stand out into the future and into inevitability.

The conjuncture is something essentially other than a "system" (cf. w. s. 35-36 and 3618). "Systems" are possible, and toward the end necessary, only in the realm of the history of the answer to the guiding question.

Each of the six junctures of the conjuncture stands for itself, but only so as to make the essential unity more impressive. In each of the six junctures, a saying of the same about the same is attempted, but in each case out of a different essential domain of that which is called the event. If one's gaze is superficial and piecemeal, then "repetitions" will quickly be apparent everywhere. What is most difficult, however, is to carry out purely and conjuncturally an abiding with the same and thus testify to a genuine steadfastness in inceptual thinking. On the other hand, the continuous progression through a series of constantly different "matters" is easy, because it proceeds of its own accord.

Every juncture stands in itself, and yet there exists a hidden interweaving among them and an opening grounding of the site of the decision for the essential transition into the still-possible transformation of Western history.

The resonating extends its reach into the having-been and the to-come and thereby has a power of impact into the present through the interplay.

The interplay first takes its necessity out of the resonating of the plight of the abandonment by being.

Resonating and interplay are soil and field for the first run-up of Inceptual thinking to the leap into the essential occurrence of beyng.

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Contributions to Philosophy (of the Event) (GA 65) by Martin Heidegger