II. The Resonating [113-114]

Can we (Who?) once again be accorded such a compulsion? Would it not have to aim at a complete transformation of the human being? Could it be something less than the inevitable in what is most alienating?

54. The abandonment by being

includes the forgottenness of being and likewise the breakdown of truth.

Both of these are basically the same. Nevertheless, in order to make compelling the abandonment by being as a plight, each of them must separately be brought to meditation, so that the greatest plight, the lack of a sense of plight in the midst of this plight, might break through and might make resound for the first time the most remote nearness to the absconding of the gods.

Is there a stricter proof of the abandonment by being than the fact that the human masses, who revel in the gigantic and its contrivances, are not even deemed worthy of finding annihilation by the shortest route? Who surmises in such denial the resonating of a god?

What would happen if for once we wanted to be serious, withdrew from all fields of semblant "cultural activity," and admitted that no necessity reigns there any longer? Would not a plight then appear, come to power, and be compelling? Toward what and for what? That is difficult to say. Yet it would indeed be a plight and a ground of necessity. Why do we no longer possess the courage for this retreat? Why does it immediately strike us as something of no value? The reason is that for a long time we have been content to seem to pursue culture and are unwilling to renounce such semblance, because as soon as even that is taken away, not only would the necessity of action disappear but also action itself.

Yet whoever is now still a creator must have already carried out this retreat completely and encountered that plight in order to take up in the most intimate kind of experience the necessity of the transition (i.e., to be a transition and a sacrifice) and to know that this is precisely not renunciation and giving up for lost but. to the contrary, is the power of clear decidedness as the harbinger of the essential.

55. Resonating

Out of the plight of the forgottenness of being: the resonating of the truth of beyng and of the essential occurrence itself of beyng. The inception of this plight from its depth as lack of a sense of plight. The forgottenness

Contributions to Philosophy (of the Event) (GA 65) by Martin Heidegger