§77 [160-161]

2. experiencing as approaching something, something that does not immediately "concern" us in the sense of 1; looking around and looking over, exploring and specifically with the sole aim of discovering how something looks and whether it actually is present and can be found.

3. approaching something, as in 2, but in the mode of testing how it looks and exists if this or that is added to it or subtracted.

In 2 and 3, what is experienced is always already something sought in one way or another, and it is sought through the application of specific aids. The mere looking around and looking at become an observing, one that pursues what is encountered, and specifically under changing conditions of its being encountered and presenting itself.

Thereby the conditions and their changes can themselves be met with again and be awaited. Yet they can also undergo alteration in various ways through an intervention. In that case, we provide ourselves with specific experiences through specific interventions and through the introduction of specific conditions of more precise seeing and determining.

Jeweler's loupe, microscope: making vision more acute and altering the conditions of observability.

Thereby the instruments and tools are themselves manufactured material things and are often of essentially the same kind as what is to be observed.

One can speak here already of an experimentum, although no trace of an "experiment" or of its conditions is given.

This is all the more so when the observations are gathered together, whereby two cases are again possible: a haphazard piling up of observations simply on the basis of their being unforeseeably manifold and striking, and a gathering that aims at a certain order, where the "principle" of the gathering is not at all taken from the observed objects.

4. Experiencing, as an approaching that tests and observes, aims in advance at the exposition of a regularity. Essential here is the anticipatory grasp of what goes by rule, i.e., what constantly recurs when the conditions are the same.

78. Experiri (ἐμπειρία)—"experiencing"

1. striking up against something, something that strikes us; something comes upon us, touches us, and we must take it in; something