III. The Interplay [224]

When and how is genuine "truth" (Le., at the same time, its overcoming and transfiguration) made possible and transferred to the "noble" one?

Truth as fixing and, because an equalizing, always necessary for those who gaze up from below, but not for those who gaze in the opposite direction.

In that sense, the question of hierarchy a transitional question; necessity of distinction and uniqueness in order to carry out the opening up of being.

Yet what must become more originary than this question are the questions regarding time-space, Le., the question of truth as primordial question regarding the essence of what is true (cf. 37-3815).

15. Lecture course, Grundfragen der Philosophie: Ausgewählte "Probleme" der "Logik," winter semester 1937-38 (GA45).

Contributions to Philosophy (of the Event) (GA 65) by Martin Heidegger