§174 [297-298]

beyng, whereby the present, over and against the past and the future, receives a determinately interpreted priority (which is entrenched in objectivity, i.e., abjectness for a subject).

Da-sein, as the essential occurrence of the clearing of self-concealing, belongs to this self-concealing itself, which essentially occurs as the appropriating event.

All domains and viewpoints of metaphysics fail here and must fail if Da-sein is to be grasped thoughtfully, for "metaphysics" asks about beingness on the basis of beings (within the inceptual—i.e., definitive—interpretation of φύσις and necessarily leaves unasked the question of the truth of beingness and thus the question of the truth of beyng. Ἀλήθεια itself is the first beingness of beings, and even this beingness remains ungrasped

In its previous and still usual sense, "Dasein" means presence in some place or other; it means to turn up in a "where" and a "when."

In the other, prospective sense, "to be" [sein] does not simply mean "to turn up"; rather, it signifies steadfast enduring as grounding the "there" [Da]. The "there" does not refer to some determinable "here" or "yonder"; it means the clearing of beyng itself. The openness of this clearing first grants the space for every possible determinate "here" and "yonder" and thus for the instituting of beings in historical word, deed, and sacrifice

Da-sein is the steadfast enduring of the clearing, i.e., of the freed, unprotected, and belonging domain of the "there" wherein beyng conceals itself.

The steadfast enduring of the clearing of self-concealing is taken up in the seeking, preserving, and stewardship carried out by that human being who has self-knowledge as one appropriated to being and belonging to the event qua the essential occurrence of beyng.

174. Da-sein and steadfastness

Steadfastness as the domain of the human being who is grounded in Da-sein.

Steadfastness includes:

1. strength—(by no means a mere accumulation of power; instead) (as characterizing Da-sein) the mastery of the free bestowal of the broadest fields of creative self-surpassing

2. decisiveness—(by no means the hardness of obstinacy; instead) the security of belonging to the event, the entry into the unprotected.