b) Da-sein7

187. The grounding

is twofold:

1. The ground grounds, essentially occurs as ground (cf. time-space and the essence of truth).

2. This grounding ground, as such, is attained and taken up.

Fathoming the ground:

The original grounding of the ground (1) is the essential occurrence of the truth of beyng; truth is a ground in the original sense.

The essence of ground originarily out of the essence of truth; truth and time-space (abyss).

Cf. "On the Essence of Ground"; annotations to it in 1936.

The title "The grounding," in accord with its connection to "The leap," refers in the first place to meanings 2a and 2b. Yet it is therefore not only related to meaning 1 but actually determined by that meaning.

188. The grounding8

To fathom the ground of the truth of beyng and thus also to ground beyng itself: to let this ground (the event) be the ground through the constancy of Da-sein. Accordingly, the fathoming becomes the

7. Cf. Laufende Anmerkungen zu "Sein und Zeit" and Ubungen, Die metaphysischen Grundstellungen des abendliindischen Denkens (Metaphysik), winter semester 1937-38.

8. Cf. Prospect, 13. Restraint. On restraint as the basic disposition; restraint and care.

Contributions to Philosophy (of the Event) (GA 65) by Martin Heidegger