§190 [309-310]

This entails withstanding the plight of the abandonment by being in unity with the facing up to the decision regarding the remaining absent and the advent of the gods: the first taking up of the post of steward for the stillness of the passing by of the last god in that decision (cf. The leap, 133. The essence of beyng, p. 198).

The projection of Da-sein is possible only as a move into Da-sein. Such a projection, however, arises only out of compliance toward the most concealed junctures of our history in the basic disposition of restraint. The essential moment, immeasurable in its breadth and depth, has arrived when the plight of the abandonment by being dawns and the decision is sought at once.

Admittedly, this basic "fact" of our history cannot be demonstrated by any "dissection" of the "spiritual" or "political" "situation" of the times, because the "spiritual" as well as the "political" viewpoints are limited to the superficial and the hitherto and have already declined to experience genuine history (the battle over the appropriation of the human being by beyng) or to question and think in the paths of the disposal of this history, i.e., to become historical out of the ground of history.

190. Of Da-sein9

Of Da-sein one can speak only by way of grounding-in a thoughtful carrying out of the resonating, the interplay, and the leap.

"By way of grounding" means at the same time "historically" in and for our history to come, compliant to its inmost plight (abandonment by being) and to the necessity (basic question) that arises thereby.

This compliance, as the compliant preparation for the site of the moment of the extreme decision, is the law of the thoughtful procedure in the other beginning in contrast to the system at the end of the history of the first beginning.

It must nevertheless be possible to provide a first naming and reference to Da-sein and thereby an indication of it. To be sure, that could never be an immediate "description," as if Da-sein were simply to be found objectively present somewhere; nor could it be through a "dialectic," which is the same approach on a higher level. Instead, that indication must reside in a rightly understood projection which brings forth the contemporary human being, even if only into abandonment by being, and prepares the resonating of the fact that the

9. For an introductory clarification of the concept, cf. Eine Auseinandersetzung mit Sein und Zeit, 1936; cf. Übungen, Die metaphysischen Grundstellungen des abendländischen Denkens (Metaphysik), winter semester 1937-38.

Contributions to Philosophy (of the Event) (GA 65) by Martin Heidegger