V. The Grounding [326]

to the essence as ἰδέα and likewise the reference to the necessary pregivenness of "beings" are both mistaken about the projection.

But how the projection and its essential occurrence as Da-sein remain covered over by the predominance of representation, how the subject-object relation arises and so does the "consciousness" of "I represent," and then how, in opposition, "life" is emphasized. That finally Nietzsche re-acts in this way: the clearest evidence of the non-originariness of his questioning.

The task is not to "explain" the projection but to transfigure it in its ground and abyss and to dis-lodge human being into it, i.e., into Da-sein, and thus to show human being the other beginning of its history.

Contributions to Philosophy (of the Event) (GA 65) by Martin Heidegger