§207 [329-330]

206. From ἀλήθεια to Da-sein17

1. The critical regress from correctness to openness

2. Openness first the essential extent of ἀλήθεια, the latter still undetermined in that respect.

3. This essential extent itself determines the "place" (time-space) of openness: the cleared "amidst" of beings.

4. Thereby truth definitively detached from all beings no matter how they are interpreted, whether as φύσις, ἰδέα or perceptum, object, the known, that which is thought.

5. Truth: now even more the question of its own essential occurrence; this latter determinable only out of the essence, and that in turn out of beyng.

6. The original essence, however, is the clearing of self-concealing; i.e., truth is the original truth of beyng (event).

7. This clearing essentially occurs and is in the attuned, creative undergoing: i.e., truth "is" as grounding the "there" and as Da-sein.

8. Da-sein the ground of the human being.

9. Thereby asked anew: who is the human being?

207. From ἀλήθεια to Da-sein

Grasped inceptually as the basic character of φύσις, ἀλήθεια by its very essence debars every question of its relation to an other, e.g., to thinking. That relation can be interrogated only if the inceptual essence of ἀλήθεια has already been renounced and truth has become correctness.

In opposition to this, ἀλήθεια does require a more originary interrogation of its own essence (Whence and wherefore concealment and unconcealment?). To pose this question, however, it is necessary at first to grasp ἀλήθεια in its essential extent as the openness of beings. This extent indicates at the same time the place demanded by the openness of beings themselves for such openness to occur as the cleared "amidst" of beings

Thereby, however, ἀλήθεια is detached from all beings, so decisively that the question of its own beyng now becomes inescapable, inasmuch as its beyng is determined by ἀλήθεια itself out of the essential occurrence of ἀλήθεια.

17. Cf. the question of truth in the lecture course, Grundfragen der Philosophie: Ausgewahlte "Probleme" der "Logik," winter semester 1937-38 (GA45).

Contributions to Philosophy (of the Event) (GA 65) by Martin Heidegger