§217 [342-343]

For long periods of time, this essence seems congealed (d. the lengthy history of truth as correctness: ὁμοίωσις, adaequatio), because what is sought and pursued is only the true that is determined by this essence. And so, on account of this unchallenged constancy, there arises the semblant "eternity" of the essence of truth, especially if "eternity" is taken as mere continuance.

Are we standing at the end of one such lengthy era of the congealing of the essence of truth and thus before the door of a new moment of its hidden history?

That a clearing might ground what is self-concealing-that is the meaning of the dictum that truth is primarily clearing-concealment (d. the abyss). The self-concealing of beyng in the clearing of the "there." Beyng essentially occurs in self-concealing. The event never lies open and manifest like a being, like something present (d. The leap, beyng).

The appropriating eventuation in its turning is exclusively contained neither in the call nor in the belonging; it is in neither of these and yet these come to be in the oscillation of the appropriating eventuation, and the trembling of this oscillation in the turning of the event is the most concealed essence of beyng. This concealment requires the deepest clearing. Beyng "needs" Da-sein.

Truth never "is"; instead, it essentially occurs. For truth is the truth of beyng, and beyng "only" essentially occurs. Thus what essentially occurs is also everything that belongs to truth, including time-space and consequently "space" and "time."

The "there" occurs essentially, and as occurring essentially it must at the same time be assumed in a mode of being: Da-sein. Hence the steadfast withstanding of the essential occurrence of the truth of beyng. This conflictual duality the riddle. Therefore Da-sein the "between"—between beyng and beings (d. The grounding, 227. On the essence of truth, no. 13, p. 280).

Because this essence is historical (d. p. 270L), afortiori every "truth" (in the sense of what is true) is historically something true only if it has previously regrown into a ground and has thereby become at the same time a power that has an impact on what lies ahead.

Where truth is veiled in the form of "reason" and the "rational," its distortion is at work, that destructive force of the "valid for all" whereby everyone is arbitrarily placed in the right and the pleasure arises that no one may exceed anyone else with respect to something essential.

This "magic" of universal validity is what has secured the predominance of the interpretation of truth as correctness and has made it nearly unshakable.

That is evident, finally, in the fact that even where something of the historical essence of truth has supposedly been grasped, all that has