V. The Grounding [343-344]

resulted is a superficial "historicism" which maintains that truth is not valid eternally but only "for a time." This opinion, however, is merely a "quantitative" restriction of the universal validity and, in order to become such, needs to presuppose that truth is correctness and validity

The superficiality of this "thinking" is only exacerbated when eventually the attempt is made to bring both of these into balance, the eternal validity in itself and the temporally restricted one.

218. The indication a/the essential occurrence of truth

Truth is the clearing for concealment: that merely indicates its essential occurrence, through the naming of its essence. At the same time, however, this naming is supposed to indicate that the interpretation of the essential occurrence of truth recalls ἀλήθεια, not the mere literal translation, in whose domain the traditional conception is evoked once again, but ἀλήθεια as the name for the first shining forth of truth itself and indeed necessarily in unity with the inceptual naming of beings as φύσις.

Yet the indication of the essence has to involve knowledge that the clearing for concealment must develop just as much with respect to time-space (abyss) as with respect to the strife and the sheltering.

219. The conjuncture of the question of truth

Truth is what is originarily true.

What is true is what is most eminently.

More eminently than any being is beyng itself. What is most eminently "is" no longer but, instead, essentially occurs as the essential occurrence itself (event).

Beyng essentially occurs as event.

The essence of truth is the clearing-concealment of the event.

The clearing-concealment essentially occurs as the grounding of Da-sein; but grounding ambiguous.

The grounding of Da-sein takes place as a sheltering of the truth in what is true, which thus first comes to be.

What is true lets a being be a being.

If beings in this way stand in the "there," they become representable. The possibility and necessity of correctness is thereby grounded.

Correctness is an ineluctable scion of truth.

Where correctness thereby predetermines the "idea" of truth, all paths to the origin of truth are blocked.

Contributions to Philosophy (of the Event) (GA 65) by Martin Heidegger