V. The Grounding [369-370]

questioning as such, in which humans place themselves out into truth and place themselves up for decision with respect to the essence.

Questioners of this kind are the original and proper believers, Le., those who in a radical way take seriously truth itself, not only what is true, and who place up for decision the question of whether the essence of truth essentially occurs and whether this essential occurrence itself bears and leads us, the knowing, believing, acting, and creating ones or, in short, the historical ones.

To be sure, this originary belief is not like an acceptance of that which immediately offers support and makes courage superfluous. Instead, this belief is persistence in the extreme decision. Only such belief can bring our history to a grounded ground once again.

The reason is that this originary belief is not an egotistic snatching up of a homemade certitude. It is not such a snatching up inasmuch as it places itself, as questioning, precisely out into the essential occurrence of being and experiences the necessity of what is a-byssal.