d) Time-space as the abyssal ground

238. Time-space

In what sort of questioning is initially situated that which is called time-space.

Time-space as arising out of, and belonging to, the essence of truth and as the thereby grounded structure (joining) of the "there," a structure of transport-captivation. (Not yet a "schema" for the representation of things, not yet mere flowing-by in the order of succession.)

The site of the moment; the strife of world and earth. The strife; the sheltering of the truth of the event.

Time-space and the "facticity" of Dasein (d. Laufende Anmerkungen zu "Sein und Zeit" I, chap. 5!). The "between" of the turning and indeed as explicitly steadfast in a historical way! Determines itself as the here and now! The uniqueness of Da-sein. Accordingly, uniqueness of knowingly enduring what is assigned and bestowed.


The eternal is not the incessant; it is instead that which can withdraw in a moment so as to recur later. What can recur: not as the identical but as the newly transforming, the one and unique, i.e., beyng, such that it is not immediately recognized, in this manifestness, as the same!

Then what is eternalization?