§242 [383-384]

which takes up the event and, by bearing it, lets its oscillation protrude through the open. As bearing and letting protrude, truth is the ground of beyng. The "ground" is not more originary than beyng; it is the origin as what allows beyng, the event, to be reached in a leap.

Yet truth is a ground that grounds originarily as the abyssal ground. The latter itself grounds as the unity of temporalization and spatialization. These accordingly derive their essence from that whereby the ground is the ground, i.e., from the event.

The intimation is the hesitant self-withholding. The self-withholding creates not only the emptiness of privation and austerity but also, along with these, an emptiness as one that is in itself transporting, i.e., transporting into the "to come" and thereby simultaneously bursting open what has been. The latter, by making an impact together with what is to come, constitutes the present as a move into the abandonment that remembers and expects.

This abandonment, however, because it originarily occurs as remembering and expecting (the belonging to being and the call of beyng), is in itself no mere sinking down and dying away into complete deprivation; on the contrary, it is the present—the moment—which is raised up and is directed out only toward the decision. Incorporated into the moment are all the transportings, and the moment itself essentially occurs merely as the gathering of the transportings.

The remembering expectation (remembering a hidden belonging to beyng, expecting a call of beyng) brings up for decision the question of whether or not beyng intrudes. To express it more clearly, temporalization, as this dispensation of the (hesitant) self-withholding, a-byssally grounds the domain of decision. With the transporting into that which withholds itself (this is precisely the essence of temporalizing), everything would indeed already be decided. Yet what withholds itself does so in a hesitant way and thereby grants the possibility of bestowal and appropriation. The self-withholding dispenses the transporting which is characteristic of temporalizing, but, as hesitant, it is also the most originary captivation of things. This captivation is the embrace in which the moment and thus the temporalization are held fast (like the originary abyssal ground? "Emptiness"? Neither that nor fullness). This captivation also makes possible a bestowal as an essential possibility, grants bestowal a space. The captivation is the spatialization of the event. Through the captivation, the abandonment is an established one which is to be withstood.

The "staying away" of the ground, its abyssal character, is disposed out of the hesitant self-withholding and is at once temporalizing and spatializing, transporting and captivating. The spatializing is grounding and is the site of the moment. Time-space, as the unity of the