§270 [484-485]

270. The essence of beyng3
(essential occurrence)

"Essential occurrence" names the mode in which beyng itself is; i.e., it names beyng. The saying "of" beyng.

Beyng essentially occurs as the indigence of god in the stewardship of Dasein.

This essence is ap-propriation as the event in whose "between" there plays out the strife of world and earth, from and through which these themselves first come to their essence (Whence and how the strife?). Beyng: the ap-propriation, reached in strzfe, toward the en-counter of gods and humans.

Beyng is nothing "in itself" and nothing "for" a "subject." Only beingness can appear as this sort of an "in itself" and can do so only in the form of an effete φύσις, i.e., as ἰδέα, the καθ᾿ αὐτό ["for itself"], something represented, an object. An extreme confinement in objectivity befalls all attempts to find "being" and its "determinations" (categories) in the manner of something objectively present.

Every saying of beyng (the saying "of" beyng, cf. Beyng, 267. Beyng (Event) p. 372f.) must name the appropriating event, the "between" of the "inbetweenness" of god and Dasein, world and earth, and, by deciding in a way that always interprets between [zwischendeutig], must raise the ground lying between, as abyssal ground, into the dispositional work. This saying is not univocal in the sense of the apparently straightforward univocity of ordinary speech, but neither is it merely polyvocal and equivocal, just as little as is such speech. Rather, it uniquely and steadfastly names the "between" of the appropriation that occurs in strife.

The "between" is the simple rupture that appropriates beyng in beings, ones which have up to then been kept back from their own essence and are still not to be called beings. This rupture is the clearing for the concealed. The rupture does not disperse, and the clearing is not sheer emptiness.

The rupturing "between" gathers toward the abyssal ground that which it transposes into the open realm of its conflictual and refusing belongingness. Out of this abyss, all things (god, the human being, world, earth) essentially occur back into themselves and thus allow beyng the unique decisiveness of the ap-propriation. The beyng of such essential occurrence is itself unique in this essence. For it essentially occurs as that stroke which has perhaps already announced

3. Cf. Beyng, 267. Beyng (Event).